Training for Success

Training for Success is for young people aged 16 – 17 (up to 24 years for those requiring additional support)

Training for Success is a government funded programme aimed at  giving you the tools and the confidence to find work. It focuses on the extra learning you may need.

The programme guarantees training up to 104 weeks (156 weeks for those with a disability). It is delivered across three strands:

  • Skills for your life
  • Skills for Work Level 1
  • Skills for Work Level 2
  • Skills for Work Level 3

Skills for your life will help you address personal and development needs and gain skills and qualifications you need to get a job or progress to higher level education or training.

Skills for Work Level 1 and 2 will help you gain skills and vocationally related qualifications to be able to gain employment or progress to the next level of training provision or to further education.

Skills for Work Level 3 will help you work towards the achievement of level 3 qualifications. This is aimed at those who have gained a level 2 qualification through Training for Success, have not yet secured paid employment and who still possess training entitlement.

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